A Pergola Design for an Existing Porch


A one of a kind pergola design for a home in Kentucky. The pergola would be mounted on a poured concrete patio to give the client a shady private reading nook at the entrance of her home. Thanks for the opportunity to impress Mollijean!

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A Pergola in Kentucky for Mollijean

A lady contacted us from  Paducah Kentucky and asked for a solution to dress up this brick patio porch at her home.  This was a tricky pergola to design at a distance considering the height of the patio and the low overhang, however. we designed it over the internet without even visiting the home–and a local builder by the name of JOHN MCINTOSH did a masterful job of putting it together from our plans!

Try to imagine this entrance without the pergola on it. Maybe a black iron rail..but other than that, just a simple brick patio walkway in. This was our starting point, just the brick patio. We created a concept but the issue was that the soffit (roof projection on the home), was so very low. After a couple of minor revisions, we came up with this concept.The beam of this pergola would run beneath the soffit, and the rafters would run parallel to the fascia, (eavestrough height).

We design hundreds of pergolas at a distance, but it is a rare case indeed when the job turns out as if one of our own builders did the job.

Designing Pergolas for Existing Porches

When designing pergolas for existing porches you need to make sure the porch is stable before building. If the porch is shifting or cracking it likely isn’t wise to proceed. Foundations can be repaired, slabs can be capped. This should be done before even planning to build a pergola.

Once you have assured that the structure is secure, you should decide where the support posts should be. We render the existing porch, then add the structure in 3D to confirm clearances and the look. The customer then gets a chance to give us feedback. The normal feedback is….”OMG–That is gorgeous”, or, “I love it!”. The odd time we hear, can we make it a little bigger, or a little smaller, or a little more private?

This is the typical process for designing pergolas in areas we don’t yet have a builder.

If you know a great builder, please put him or her in touch with us!  Here is more information about our builder group.

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