Pergola Designs for Existing Decks or Concrete Patios



Pergola plan P008 pro is a sturdy yet simple detail that can constructed on any patio or deck. Secure your pergola using a carport bracket or other post mounting hardware and enjoy your new found shade from this gorgeous pergola.

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Pergola Plans Designed for Existing Decks or Concrete Patios

We get numerous calls and messages every month asking for a pergola for existing decks or concrete patio. This pergola is designed for installation on any deck or concrete patio. This is a simple yet sturdy pergola with trelliswork and sculpted rafters. Simply layout the post locations not more than 10′ apart and secure to the deck. This is a sturdy pergola design that has diagonal braces built right in.

Why these Patio Pergola Plans Work

These pergola plans utilize a wide footprint of the posts transfers the weight to 4 points rather than just 1. The diagonal braces tie the 4 posts together so that the 4 posts act as 1. As long as 2 of the posts are above or close to a beam this pergola for existing decks and patios should remain stable as long as the deck lasts.

Common sense when mounting a Pergola to Existing Decks or Patios

If the existing deck is more than 10 years old, obviously rotting or your concrete slab is not stable you should not install this pergola upon it! Take a close look at the framing of the deck. Joists and beams should be made of 2×8 materials, and the decking should be full 2x materials. 1″ thick decking will require blocking to be installed beneath or the pergola will bounce.

Patios that are deteriorating or have obvious structural issues should be capped by a professional before installing a pergola.

When creating a wall mounted pergola using these pergola plans, it must be secured to the structure of the home. If your home has vinyl siding, consider not connecting to the house. Terminate a couple of inches away. Crushing siding does not make a good connection. You can always have a siding installer cut back the siding and install a flashing for you to mount through.

P008 Existing Patio Pergola Plans in Interlocking Patios

Interlocking will not support this pergola. These days there are footings called “Helical Footings”, that are easily installed by removing a few interlocking stones and turning it in. You may have to remove a some of the screenings, but it disturbs the soil very little. Then, you simply mount your post to the mounting bracket on the helical.

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