A Pergola Design-Built-in Seating


Bring on the Cushions and drinks!  Here is a nook pergola with built in bench. It is based on our T005 Pro Pergola Plan, but it is designed to be a private conversation area in a suburban yard. This was a one of a kind plan created for a client a few years ago. The project was built by the client– to a high degree of quality I might add!

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A Pergola with Built-in Seating in Edmonton AB

We designed this pergola with built-in seating for a client in Edmonton AB. He sent photos and walked us through his unique ideas. He liked the look of our T005 pro pergola plan, so we based the detailing on that. The client constructed it and sent us these photos… He did a masterful job!

When your yard has neighbours looking down on you from all angles, a pergola with built-in seating and privacy screens fits the bill. People ask us to design pergolas for numerous reasons, but privacy is often the #1 issue they have. Shade is often secondary.

Designer’s Notes:  Building a pergola with built-in bench

This pergola with the built-in bench is constructed on posts in the ground.  I know what you are going to say– that posts need to go below the level of frost, however, it’s just not true. I can show you a 7-year-old gate that experienced 10′ of frost and has still not needed adjustment. If posts are set by our method, they will not move. The frost actually locks them in place and prevents movement.

All parts should be sealed before installing for durability. Screws are not used for structural connections–they are only for decorative items.

How long should this structure last if built from our plans?  It should last 25-30 years before repairs are required.

This project can be built by a skilled handyman with our plans.

Pergola Designs wherever you live

We design pergolas, decks and pool houses for people at a distance quite often. If we don’t yet have a builder in your area, at least you can take the plans and specifications to a local builder and have it built to our standards!

Every location has different environmental and building code specific issues. Our experienced pergola designers can navigate these to create inspired pergola designs.

Consult your local building department before building!

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