Pergola in Waterloo


A slightly curved deck with a rectangular frame pergola and a curved pergola roof. Such a simple concept, but such a gorgeous structure when the lights are cast and it comes to life. Speak to us about creating a magical pergola and landscape at your Kitchener home or business.

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Pergola Builders in Waterloo

Our landscape designers in Kitchener Waterloo designed this pergola and landscape. Simple Elegance designed and built by your GardenStructure builder in Kitchener… “Mark Schwarz”.

Such simplicity, but enough detail to hold the interest of onlookers, and this pergola has lighting that makes it a thing to behold in the evening. We design lighting into many of our projects when budget permits. Speak to us about designing a beautiful pergola like this in your yard!

Crafting Custom Pergolas

Anyone can knock two pieces of wood together, but building custom pergolas is another realm. Creating a stunning masterwork like this custom pergola in Waterloo involves concepts, technical know-how and talented carpenters.

To come up with a concept design this good takes an artist. Normally we do these concept designs in 3D to enable clients to see what we see.

We suggest technical know-how because two builders could build this from a photo. One structure may last 3 years, and the other could last more than 30 years. That’s where inspired design comes in. Drawing pretty things is necessary, but knowing how to build it to last is paramount!

The third necessary ingredient is talented builders. Good builders will question the designers and they always make suggestions to improve structure and durability. Nobody is perfect, and when you have a talented team working together, the results will always be superior.

Pergola Builders- A Value Proposition

Pergola builders are not all created equal…

The first time you have something built you go to or and find the cheapest builder. 3 years later, when what they built for you looks awful, you start to look for somebody do it properly.  That’s where we come in.

Talented builders overseen by great designers will never be the cheapest price.  You have to make the mistake of hiring a handyman to do a tradesman’s job once or twice before you learn the value of skill. It’s a process that gets easier with experience. A “Once Burned” kind of thing.

Here at, we see the disasters. We get the phone calls asking for help. We see the upset people when somebody makes a mess of a project. That’s why we are here. We design and build custom pergolas right the first time in Waterloo ON.



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