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Our builder milled every piece from solid lumber and fitted everything by eye. Hand built things are always valuable, and this is no exception. I am not convinced that this should not be called a roofed sculpture– it is gorgeous!  Arrange a Design Consultation            Get a Quote



Pavilion Builders in Niagara ON

We are pavilion builders in the Niagara Region. This pavilion in Niagara serves as a roofed covered dining area. Measuring roughly 16′ x  16′ this roofed structure is supported by 4 large footings. We can use helical footings if you like, but our builder’s hand dug the footings to avoid any pool plumbing running beneath the patio.

We cannot take credit for the design, though we wish we had designed it, this is a stunning structure. Matt Holinaty, our builder in Niagara for many years created this structure from a photo supplied by the client. That is the mark of a craftsman… his eye is so accurate he can actually build the small image. This Pavilion is big, it is bold and made of solid wood– no plywood aside from under the shingles.

Inspired Pavilion Construction

Our pavilion builder took the time to cut plugs and glue them in using marine epoxy and then sanded everything smooth. Our builders love a challenging structure and they thrive when they are given the leeway to use their creativity. Large roofed buildings require lateral stability. The 4 leg supports certainly help with wind resistance. The large braces lock it tight. This patio cover will not wobble! Matt used modern fasteners to put together this timber frame. It is a classic looking structure with modern methods. Our builders specialize in high-quality woodwork. Our designs are different and we do love a challenging design concept.

When you have a Patio Cover Design…

We work with numerous Landscapers, Landscape Designers, and Architects. Many times we can help improve durability since structures are often outside their wheelhouse. All we really need is a concept, and even better if it is a 3D Design. By using the form on our Contact us page you can attach the plans if they are digital. If not, you can always text them to our designer at 416 951 9998.

Get in touch with us today to design a roofed structure like this for you anywhere you live!

Large structures like this require a Building Permit in most areas. Consult your local building department for their requirements. We specialize in the design and 3D Renderings of large outdoor structures.

If you know of a great local Builder, please connect them with us!

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