A Pavilion in Kitchener Waterloo ON


A curved roof pavilion in Kitchener – Waterloo ON with kitchen and hot tub. A stunning project by our design build partner’s EarthScape.

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A Pavilion with Curved Roof in Kitchener

A curved roof pavilion with kitchen and hot tub in Kitchener Waterloo ON, designed by Mark Schwarz, our design-builder. Not just the pavilion, but he designed it within a full landscape which they expertly installed. Plantings, hardscape and privacy screens were all part of his master plan.

Curved roofs like this patio cover are complex to build. Each rafter needs to be fabricated and or laminated which affects the budget numbers.

Designing a Curved Roof

Designing a curved roof isn’t rocket science. We designers can dream up plenty of different looking roofs, and this is just another. Proportions and Scale need to come into the equation. It’s a good idea to overhang the existing home’s roof when possible to make the whole space beneath the curved pavilion dry. Overhanging the roof controls water flow and is a much simpler construction than connecting. When we design a curved roof we try to consider how the actual structure will be built. Consider what will go into the laminated rafters to dictate the curve profile. Whatever we can do to simplify the process for the builder–we do it!

These curved shade structures are notoriously top heavy so we design in lateral bracing that is robust enough to do the job. Luckily, we don’t have to worry so much about deterioration due to moisture. Our deck builders are experienced with curved wood details, so it ended up a perfect arc.

Metal roofing works best on curved roofs so we use a corrugated sheet or standing seam product. The smaller the corrugations the better it bends.

Building a Curved Pavilion

At the core, a curved pavilion is just a series of curved profile rafters connected together. For this Kitchener pavilion, we designed the curve and outlined the shape of the template for the builders. They simply created plywood patterns and used them to cut the rafter parts to size. When everything was glued up they faired them to shape a little, comparing each rafter to the template.

Building the curved pavilion was just a roof assembly like any other at that point. Rafters have birdsmouths and blocking mid-span. The underside was clad with tongue and groove materials which ride the curve beautifully.

What is a Pavilion?

A pavilion is basically a free-standing roof.  They can be small–8’x8′ or as large as a football field. This one is mid-sized at 14’x20′ and was built upon a new deck! Think of a pavilion as a pergola with a roof!

Wondering what this might cost?  Contact us for more details or consult this Article on Landscape Costs.

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