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A Patio Pergola detail that allows for up to 20′ spans without supports, is self bracing and adaptable to any number of layouts.

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Patio Pergolas in Niagara Region- Designed for Retractable Canopies

By re-thinking the entire space we came up with patio pergolas that could be retrofitted with retractable canopies. We created a series of a room like pergola spaces that could be opened and closed for sun shielding and to protect from rain. Custom pergola detailing enables us to span 20′ without support.

Originally there was a 2-year-old deck with pergolas at this site in Niagara. Unfortunately, these clients had hired the wrong designer and builder. The $20,000 Deck had to be removed and put in a bin. Being too low, without drainage, it was causing water leaks into the finished basement. Since the area was surrounded by patio the low grade indicated that there should be a concrete patio where the deck and pergola was. There simply wasn’t space for a deck and a patio would work better to create something inspired.

Grimsby Pergola Builders

We are Grimsby pergola builders that specialize in unique and one of a kind structures. The design is important when it comes to outdoor living areas. A poor design may have to be replaced in short order, which is what this homeowner discovered. Designing a deck or pergola can have a structural and aesthetic impact on a property. Too small, and function suffers. You could be tripping over furniture or the shade you expected may not be there. Poorly designed shade structures could damage a wall or cause water leaks inside the home.

What to look for in a Pergolas Company

Look for a large portfolio and long warranty from your pergolas company. If the pergola company is not willing to put their name behind what they build, they may be found to be lacking in quality.

Do you need Permits for Pergolas?

Some areas require permits for pergolas, others do not. Locally you can call 905.945.9634 or connect with the building department online

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