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Designed by for a younger Sara Richardson during her days at House and Home Magazine, this pergola was installed (temporarily) in a yard in downtown Toronto in about 4 hours.          Arrange a Design Consultation                                Get a Quote



Free Standing Pergola Plans for House and Home Magazine!

Free standing pergola plans we designed for a gardening article in House and Home Magazine.  This pergola did not require footings, though, it is sure to last longer with permanent footings. The plans do include footings. It is an advanced plan since you have to taper 6×6 posts. Only a seasoned carpenter would attempt to do that. To simplify, this plan includes details for 4×4 posts without the taper, but please seal them before you put them in the ground. Sealing the posts will help them last longer. Sealing the posts will translate to about 5 or 10 extra years of life for a free standing pergola.

Building these Free Standing Pergola Plans

Building our free standing pergola plans involve digging holes and mounting posts. This is hard heavy work. Consider hiring an expert to do this for you. It really is the hardest part of the job. Secondly, this freestanding pergola has intricate trelliswork screens, which involves milling on a table saw. You should be confident working with saws and you certainly will spend some time sanding the parts before assembly. These plans are step by step DIY and walk you through the process of building this free standing pergola. If you have questions while you build, they come with free support by email.

Prefabricating parts is always a good idea. We often prefabricate parts off-site, then bring it all together for the show!

Finishing your Free Standing Pergola

Pre-finishing is the only way to finish a pergola. Applying a good quality stain ahead of time, before you assemble will make your pergola low maintenance for years to come. It means touch ups every couple of years. Sealing the end grains prior to assembling will stabilize the materials and the stain will last far longer. Read more about Applying Exterior Stain to Woodwork here.

If you really love staining things every year, just build it and stain it afterward. Painting this pergola will keep you busy for a few days a year.





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