Free Standing Wedding / Event Arbor



Arbor designs to use as an entrance to home shows, garden shows, and weddings. Perfect for photographs with a natural looking backdrop, it was popular for years here locally. You can build it using our DIY Arbor plans.

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A Temporary or Permanent Wedding Arbor Plan

This is a wedding pergola/arbor design from the early days. We didn’t sell thousands of these plans or structures because their purpose was so specialized. It is a pergola suitable for home and garden shows. This pergola / Arbor was also used for a couple of weddings, though it is heavier than many rental shops like to carry and set up. This structure really requires 2 to carry and set up.

We still have artwork for this plan around and we will be re-releasing the details soon!  Stay tuned! You can pre-order if you like. We expect to have it in a downloadable format soon!

Knock Down Wedding Arbor Designs

We create arbor designs for clients all over North America. This wedding arbor was also used as an entrance to home and garden shows in the Barrie area. If you want your own unique wedding arbor designed, please get in touch!  These days, all you need is an internet connection for us to design beautiful arbors and pergolas for you.

This wedding arbor breaks down into 3 pieces. The headpiece and 2 leg sections. Place the headpiece on your pickup truck, and strap the legs on top. Two strong men can erect this wedding arbor in 2 minutes. It only takes 8 screws to resist 70mph wind on a level surface.

Designs for Wedding Arbors wherever you are!

We design wedding arbors and any structure for the garden at a distance. Sure, we started out building garden structures, but these days we stick to our knitting!  It is all about the designs–

When you want a showpiece arbor or pergola, a deck design to wow the neighbors or any kind of wood structure, we are here to help!

Just send us a wish list, a budget and the hourly rate that builders charge in your area. Giving us photos of structures that appeal to you can help or shots of the building nearby can get us on track.

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