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“Outdoor Room Deck” in Whitby / Oshawa Ontario


Here is a gorgeous deck East of Toronto between Oshawa and Whitby Ontario. It features a curved front face with glass rails and masonry columns that run up and support a pergola type of beam.

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Can a deck be an outdoor room?

This deck was designed for a home with an awkward 6′ height between Whitby and Oshawa ON.

We design decks to become part of the home and the landscape. This stunning dining – outdoor kitchen deck will make you and your guests feel comfortable in the great outdoors. Outdoor Rooms are on trend these days. Outdoor living areas are more than just a wooden walkways these days! Our Designer, Lawrence Winterburn loves to blur the line between the home and the yard. When you use the same brick to support your decks as you have in your house it always helps the deck fit the home.

A unique Deck in Whitby

A full-size stone table graces this curved, masonry supported deck. Solid red cedar decking and guard rails will last decades. Oversized framing members mean you will likely be able to apply new decking right on the same frame again. Spacious deck designs feel better, work better and are a better investment than skimping in size. Full width decking ages more gracefully than 5/4 boards. The pergola features at each end will allow the vines to grow over the beam and supports.

Our tempered glass rail designs allow for up to 8′ open panels of glass within the rails. Quartersawn deck railing support posts resist cracking.
Decks always look better finished to work with the home.We often alternate glass panels and wood infills within our rails to keep the budget in check. Semi-solid finishes allow the grain to show through the stain. Outdoor areas should always look like they are part of your home. By choosing complementary or similar colors you can help blend the project with the home.

We cascaded the steps down from the side to soften the front face and offer a gracious descent. Sitting in the main part is much like being in a large living room with open air.

Deck design is all about capturing a view– These Whitby projects were designed to not just capture the view but to frame and accent the view.

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