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A few outdoor kitchens built over the last decade by GardenStructure.com designers and builders.  Just the grill can run between 12-35k, throw in some cabinets, an outdoor refrigerator and pizza oven, the budget can climb! These kitchens run the budget range from 10-40k, (without the building above).  In Canada, we have a shorter season than the Los Angeles, but outdoor kitchens are all the rage here as well!


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A Few Outdoor Kitchens across North America

There are many different styles of outdoor kitchens with ranging budgets for different levels of quality and different materials and levels of craftsmanship. They are made of every material imaginable. Stone, block, stucco, metal, wood, composite or PVC– You name it we can figure out a way to build with it. Countertops can be stone, wood, PVC, concrete, metal.  Should there be a roof over it? Should it be open with a roof over the Chef? We can build in heaters to keep you toasty while you cook in the winter months. This gallery has a few kitchens with various levels of budget, built in Los Angeles, Mississauga, Burlington Toronto and Ancaster. We get around!

Designing Outdoor Kitchens Today

Designing outdoor kitchens these days is getting easier. There are literally hundreds of products that can improve the durability and quality on the market today. There are drastically different climates across North America so designing for Toronto will be entirely different than Los Angeles.  Toronto gets 5 months of cold and wet weather, while Los Angeles might get 20 rain days a year. In Toronto, we often include heaters (aside from the grill) and include a roof of some kind.

Have us design your Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen starts with a design consultation to assess what you need, your tastes and your budget. We do some sketches right there and talk budgets in a realistic way. If you want to proceed we start designing!  A typical cooking area takes a couple of weeks to plan, 3-6 weeks to source the parts, and stone-work has to be booked up to 6 months in advance here in Toronto. Good help is hard to find, but a high-quality outdoor kitchen is not somewhere to let a new contractor cut his teeth!

Get in touch when you are ready to start planning your dream outdoor kitchen! We are completely capable of designing from your photos and measurements wherever you live!


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An outdoor kitchen with fireplace

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