An Outdoor Kitchen Cabana in Toronto


A beautiful pool cabana with kitchen in Toronto. What would you like to see in a cabana? Chef’s kitchen, covered dining area, washroom, change room, outdoor shower? Yes, you can have that and anything else you can imagine. We design unique pool houses and cabanas like this one, and design them to fit zoning requirements wherever you live!

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Roofed Outdoor Kitchens in Toronto

Roofed outdoor kitchens are just one of our specialties in Toronto. It’s just my opinion, but I think every outdoor kitchen should have a roof.  A roofed kitchen helps keep the appliances dry and allows you to use the kitchen in inclement weather. The appliances last longer and age more gracefully when they are covered. Brick, Stone, and Granite Tops– this outdoor kitchen is functional and still leaves space for dining.

Pool Cabanas designed for Chef’s

What more could you want in a pool cabana? This pool cabana was designed for a chef–No, He really is one! This Pool Cabana in Vaughan features a Chef’s Kitchen, covered dining area, washroom, change room and outdoor shower.

This pool cabana is the ideal shady spot to sit and watch the kids play in the pool.

Designing Outdoor Kitchens and Pool Cabanas

This Cabana with Outdoor Kitchen in Toronto ( Vaughan ), was a challenge from the start. It is a bit of a trend that people build Cabanas, then get the permit afterward. After a complaint, the building department showed up after the footings and patio were in. When they asked to see the construction drawings, the homeowner showed them their graph paper sketches, which apparently were not good enough for the plan examiners in Vaughan.

This kind of thing happens in early May when we are breaking ground on 6 projects and we are up to our ears in revisions and designs for later in the summer. We put him together with some plans as quickly as we could, added some style, some inspired details and here you have it!

It features a full chef’s kitchen, stone, brick, iron gate, washroom, change room and a large covered dining area for the adults to keep an eye on the kids. This one features an outdoor shower as well, and the pool heater and pump are inside the building.

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builders of Cabanas and Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchen Cabana Building in Vaughan
Toronto cabana with outdoor kitchen
Cabana with outdoor kitchen in Toronto ON

    Cabana side gate with outdoor shower in Toronto

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