An Outdoor Kitchen in Niagara


Matt is one of our best design builders of Kitchens and Roofed Buildings, Pavilions, Cabanas etc. in Niagara. He has lived in the St. Catharines area all his life. When you are planning a kitchen you want to work with a person that has solid product knowledge, design savvy and the ability to get things done. Matt is all of this and more!

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An Outdoor Kitchen in Niagara Falls ON

Here is a roofed kitchen in Niagara Falls by Matt Holinaty. It sits on a composite deck, but we didn’t have the final shots for this one. The image showing the roof over top without the outdoor kitchen in place yet. It is a good looking space with plenty of function! This kitchen is simple and built around a standard grill. It has built-in storage and red cedar cabinets. We included a fridge and a roof over top in this design.

Outdoor kitchens are a popular option on decks in Niagara Falls. Let us show you all the options. Not quite sure what you need to include?  Speak to one of our Outdoor Kitchen Designers today!

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