An Oriental Garden Roof in Niagara


After designing this curved roof structure, we know what goes into a curved oriental roof! Laminated and curved rafters and beams, flashing galore and finished like furniture inside and out. This small curved patio cover blends beautifully with it’s Niagara on the Lake Surroundings.   Let Us Design your Project         Get a Quote for Your Designs





Oriental Curved Roofs – Pavilions in Niagara

This oriental curved roof makes a unique statement in the garden. Curved patio covers like these fit well in the landscape and should be looked upon as an oasis separate from the home. You don’t need an Eastern-looking home to add a curved roof pavilion in the garden.

Pavilion Designers

Where do you find pavilion designers?  Pavilions are a little different when it comes to designing. A heavy roof perched on posts requires lateral bracing of some sort. You can use cables, brackets of steel or wood or hidden reinforcement. Deciding which type to use for a given structure is key, and, a good designer will come up with inspired answers. What will look right and intriguing in your backyard space, and, what will not look right? You need to answer both questions before you can find a design solution. This roofed structure is too small to require permits. Consult your local building department to find out if you will require permits.

Designing Unique Structures

Designing unique structures involves consulting with experts. It takes time to figure out new details and gain specialized skills. It takes an investment to become specialized and wise designers collaborate.

In collaboration with the Khachi Design Group, we created working drawings from their concept. Our builder constructed this Oriental curved roof pavilion for a garden in Niagara on the Lake. This patio cover features laminated rafters and a curved roof profile. . We then flashed them to enable the roofing to seal. Our builder had a copper finial created by an artisan locally. All the materials were made from heat treated pine and ash. When you have a complex outdoor structure to build, please get in touch! We love a challenge~

If you are considering creating curved pavilions or curved patio covers, we are your specialists.

Is it decks you dream of? We can certainly help you with that!

 Let Us Design your Project         Get a Quote for Your Designs

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