An Old Fashioned Garden Arbor with Gate


Imagine this old-fashioned garden arbor with optional gate framing your entranceway to your garden.

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An Old Fashioned Garden Arbor Design

This one is about as old school as they get.

An old-fashioned garden arbor with gate to separate your yard from the street with curb appeal.

Our client requested a traditional arbor with gate and trelliswork and we aim to please. Though it may look dated these days, it still appeals to the traditional crowd.

What Makes Old Fashioned Gates Durable

Old fashioned gates often had the curved top look with the curve just cut into the boards. This project is achievable by amateur builders.

The key to building a gate that hangs properly is a sturdy frame and support posts and latching posts that stay parallel to the gate. The headpiece, in this case, is crucial. It ties the two posts together and makes it work!  Gate hardware is also important. Check out Snug Cottage Hardware for beautiful traditional gate hardware.

Old School Trelliswork

Old school trelliswork is typically overlapped, rather than lapped into each other. It lasts longer than a half lap since there are fewer end grains exposed to moisture.

Where do Old Fashioned Garden Gates fit best?

We typically use old-fashioned garden gates in spaces that are being turned into lush city gardens. They blend into the garden making it secondary to the plant material. The older looking woodwork helps add an air of permanence. As if the gated arbor had been there for 50 years. It is a timeless look.

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