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Obelisk Planter Box Plan



Obelisk planter plans that enable someone to build this elaborate looking garden structure on their own, even if they are not a skilled carpenter. Step by step instructions and tips to help DIY people to achieve more difficult cuts. Free support while you build by email!

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Obelisk Planter Plans

This obelisk planter plans can be used with or without the planter box. A pro-tip would be to source a liner for your planter and adjust the size of the box accordingly. As long as the proportions are close, it will look just as good.

DIY Step by Step Instructions

Plans will be available soon– we are digitizing presently!

Our DIY step by step instructions will guide you through building the boxes, (inner and outer), as well as the obelisk trelliswork.

The previous version of the plan was available for years and seeing the results were exciting for us. Now that we are designing in 3D photorealism, we can do much better! Watch for the new plans soon! Send us a note to get on our mailing list!

Where do Obelisk Planters work?

Flanking an entrance or on a patio are the best places for obelisk planters. The new obelisk planter plans will include details for an inner box (made from marine plywood), and an outer red cedar box. That means that if you forget to empty them for the winter, you may have to nail the inner box back together without destroying the whole planter.

Balconies or rooftop gardens are also a great place to show off these beautiful planters.

What to Grow in Obelisk Planters?

We like to mix up the plantings. Choose climbing vines with berries or flowers that bloom at different points in the season. You could also keep it practical and plant beans and tomatoes. Get creative!  The old standard Boston ivy always looks rich on an obelisk planter.


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