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North York Decks with Pergola and Circular Patio


When a yard has 2 entrances a couple of feet off the ground it is always good to connect the decks visually. Here the pergola connects to the house and continues from one deck to the other. A circular patio connects the two also and bench boulders add interest.

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North York Decks with Circular Patios

This deck was designed for a special client that researched his wants and desires thoroughly. It took literally months to settle on a deck design that the designer and the homeowner were both happy with–we think it was worth the wait. Cheers Michael. Hardscape and Deck Design by Lawrence Winterburn

The privacy screen at the far end of the deck shields views from the neighbor’s adjacent deck and balcony. The pergola gives the deck vertical interest, and drawing the pergola across the rear wall of the home helps blend the deck to the home. We are builders of patio decks and pergolas in North York Ontario.

The pergola is classic GardenStructure.com.

A traditional guard rail is secured to the pergola support posts and 6×6 intermediate posts. The entire deck is mounted on grade beams since zoning was an issue for lot coverage. The pergola nor the deck are secured to the home.

Designing decks on a budget

Decks on a budget, this project is half deck, half patio. We added a couple of large rocks for guests to rest upon. When you have a very wide home, sometimes it is best to connect them with a patio. Let’s face it, too much wood is not good either. Mixing up materials can be a great design strategy, but not too many different types! Sometimes we use stone as decking as well.

Since this home was large for the lot, we either had to keep the deck small, or floating to avoid Zoning scrutiny. In this case, we used a grade beam foundation, which negates the need for building permits in many areas.

This is a grand deck design for a grand home and the best clients you could ever hope for!

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