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Monster Decks in Huntsville–

When you want a big deck with all the features built who do you call? GardenStructure.com can make it happen for you. Please keep in mind that large complex projects take months to plan and build. If you want it next summer– now is the time!!! Get in touch Today!   Let Us Design your Project         Get a Quote for Your Designs

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Monster Decks in Huntsville ON

Monster decks in Huntsville never looked so good! Loaded with features and large enough to be functional. This monster has a double Big Green Egg kitchen, a dining room and den covered by a 40′ Arcadia Roof and views for a hundred miles. When you are 50′ off the ground surrounded by large trees it feels like you are in a giant tree house. Your average decks have a good view from a couple of spots–these decks capture incredible views from nearly everywhere. The glass railings allow the views from within the home to be unobstructed.

The homeowners spoke to a few builders to design this project but none of them wanted anything to do with it. The complications were numerous. It would be 50′ high and built on a sloping face of the solid rock. Just removing the existing deck was a week-long nightmarish task. The structure was nearly 40 years old and rotted so badly that it was crumbling as we cut. What we realized, in the end, was that only 2 screws secured the deck to the beams. This could easily have become a disaster.

Planning and Designing the Decks

Though this deck was a decent size, it was not wide enough to place furniture. Part of it was bearing upon an addition. Our designer chose to expand that end and incorporate the space above the addition of the dining room and den area. In effect, this gained 2 useful rooms. The rest of the second level was a little larger, with an eased back angular leading edge. The third floor is also eased back in the opposite direction.

The addition roof was a high-quality membrane roof, which meant that we could not secure the deck to the roof itself. Further, we wanted to make sure that nobody had to remove what we built to do the roof again, so we waterproofed that area. This means 50-70 years of durability for that roof.

We added another platform below the main deck, where none existed. By opening up a 6′ wide window, (perfect size for a patio door), access could be gained to the lower level. That portion was reinforced to support a hot tub and we added frosted glass privacy Screens. Adding this lower deck simplified the upper deck build, giving us a platform to work from.

There is another small deck on the other side of this home not seen in the photos above the front door. We made this platform waterproof as well to act as a roof over the entrance. The same materials and details were used as the front decks.

Complex Deck Builders

Demolition of the old deck in filled 2-18 yard bins and took 7 days. We used Ground Screws to secure the deck. Installing the screws involved using a core drill mounted to a backhoe.

Our builders took about 3 months with 2-4 builders on site during the build. Specialists were brought in for different aspects of the build. Our top crew, Team Curtis, and Hunter from the Deck Store did all the framing, waterproofing, decking and rails. Numerous different crews cycled through the build as well.

Projects like this deck build are complex and take months to plan and build. This is not a project for handymen or part-time deck builders. It involves specialists and experts and designers that know their stuff.

When you have a complex project like this– Please get in touch!

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