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Minimalist Pergolas- Sometimes Simple is Best

This minimalist pergolas design was created to play off the architectural features of the home beyond. This pergola adds to the view and creates vertical interest in the yard. Pergola design needs to fit the home, and in this case, as you can see this pergola certainly looks like an extension of the home.   Any outdoor structure should fit its surroundings. This home in Gilford Ontario was crying out for something to connect the home to the yard visually.

Minimalist simply means a clean, no-frills look.  If there is a trim profile they are basic, no moldings.  Posts, Beams, and not much more. A simple looking structure without fasteners showing is the goal.

Designs for Minimalist Pergolas

Designs for minimalist pergolas should be created by someone with a good understanding of how woodwork goes together. There are so many potential pitfalls due to inexperience that an entire structure could be doomed to the recycling bin. Do you know what crown is? If you are presently designing anything in wood, please research that. 90% of carpenters don’t bother with it. Do you know much about lateral loads?  A top-heavy canopy perched atop posts without bracing is a tricky thing to engineer. Factor in wind load and rot, and you could be headed for disaster. We have methods of protecting posts from rot. Speak to one of our designers today!

Simple Structures

Simple structures should not be underrated. Something that appears simple, may actually be very complex to achieve. Often, there are design details that are not seen by the naked eye. We load design details into our projects to triple the durability when budget allows. When it comes to simple decks and pergolas we really are rewriting the book on detailing. Many architects and designers prefer working with us for that reason. They know that their projects will turn out better and lead to consistent referrals in the future.

Sometimes it is just not worth the risk of working with amateurs.

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