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Mahogany Decks in Niagara Falls


Why settle for a builders deck at your new home? Invest in a showpiece. This Mahogany Beauty is a good example of our uncommon mastery of outdoor wood.   Arrange a Design Consultation          Get a Quote

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A Stunning Mahogany Deck in Niagara

These are preliminary shots of a Mahogany deck in Niagara Falls Ontario. It was designed by Lawrence Winterburn and built by Matt Holinaty. We are fanatical about details. When budget allows, we move to Hardwood, custom guard rails and details galore. The close up shows the Mahogany decking with tapered cuts and the screws are hidden by mahogany tapered plugs that are fastened in place with marine epoxy. Look for more shots of this deck after landscaping soon!

Mahogany Decks

Mahogany decks are rare these days. This Mahogany beauty was designed for a couple from Toronto to give them a beautiful space at their retirement house in Niagara. Where else do we see mahogany used for decking? On boats of course! That’s because of its rot resistance and durability. The look is like no other decking. Golden and beautiful, and it accepts stain readily. It is fairly easy to work with, though much more work than a nailed down softwood deck. Sanding is easy and that makes it possible to get close to furniture grade finishing. You will find very little cracking in this decking.

Designing Decks in Niagara

Lots of people offer “Free Deck Design” in the Niagara Area. Will it turn out as well as this project? When you are willing to do something for free it means that you haven’t become good at a skill.  Then again, it may be that the cost of the service is buried in the project.

Look, we don’t do free designs, mostly because we know what we do is of value. When you are ready for the best deck in town all you have to do is call us. Once you meet with our designers you will see the difference. We design what you want, what you need, and, at your budget. Our designers listen to what you tell us. Our builders are conscientious and treat your property like their own. They are helpful, and, they explain things as they build.

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