Large Pergolas for Existing Patios


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Large Pergolas for Existing Patios

We designed these large pergolas for existing patios to create a canopy that blends with this home in Bradford Ontario.  A dining room, hot tub, and walkway are all enclosed by these stunning pergolas.

Our clients requested a design to enable them to remove the pergola and take it with them when they move all on a modest budget. Being a large farm with subdivisions closing in around them, they would be selling in the next few years.  Utilizing red cedar lumber for the lower parts, and pressure treated for the overhead portions kept the budget in check.

Designing Pergolas for Existing Patios

When designing pergolas for existing patios you have to consider patio movement. Patios typically lift up and down with frost. If you are connecting to the house it needs to be a tenuous one. We opted for a slip joint in the form of a privacy screen.

By increasing the footprint of the supports pressure on the existing patio will be minimized. In other words, we used more posts than we needed. That way undue force down on the patio was minimized. We used carport brackets to secure to the patio with sleeve anchors that could be removed later.

What Types of Patios will Support Pergolas?

Regardless of the type of patio, something cracked and shifting or obviously settling is not suitable to carry a pergola. Do not connect any structure built on a patio or a slab to a home since any movement can do damage!

  • Poured Concrete Slab (Patterned Concrete), is typically an excellent support for a pergola.
  • Interlocking Stone, can be used, but we recommend increasing the size of the supports to a foot or two in width.
  • Patio Stones are typically not a good support unless they have been set on a well-compacted base.

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