A Large Gazebo in Toronto


A 16′ wide gazebo with proper windows and doors, double cedar roof, lights, TV and Fireplace in Toronto.   Arrange a Design Consultation       Get a Quote  



Large Gazebo in Toronto

This large gazebo in Toronto is big enough to sleep 6. Many companies produce small 10′ and 12′ structures. Many low budget gazebos actually wiggle.  When you want an oversized structure that is stable and permanent it takes a designer and an engineer to make that happen. This is a larger, 16′ gazebo built in Toronto with all the amenities. It features a fireplace, lights, TV, tiled floor and proper windows and doors.

Shall we call it a Guest House? A bunkie perhaps?

This enclosed structure graces a stately home and functions as an evening gathering place for family and friends. Can you imagine having this special elaborate building in your backyard as an office or art studio? We can design any type, size or shape of a structure, including steel or timber framed units.

Are Traditional Gazebos Out of Style?

Traditional gazebos were very popular for a couple of decades, 70’s and 80’s and are likely to gain a resurgence. Like anything else, it’s not the old-fashioned open gazebos that are likely to come back. Those are long out of style. Everyone wants maintenance free and they want large structures that are fully closed in. Enclosed buildings containing a bar, fireplace, and TV is what people want today.

When you have a waterfront lot, you are inspired to be there more often.  This room is like a personal lounge with a lake view, out of the wind, with a fireplace to keep you toasty on cooler days.

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Do you need Permits for a Gazebo?

If a Gazebo is more than 8′ wide, most areas require building permits. Many areas will require an engineer’s stamp on the plans regardless of size. These structures are like any other. If it is roofed, it counts for lot coverage and you have to satisfy zoning requirements as well. The building department is there for your safety– consulting with them is always a good idea.

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A gazebo with slate floors


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