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Large Curved Decks, Lake Joseph, Parry Sound Ontario


A second level deck in Parry Sound fit for a King! Grand staircase down to the lake with curves and built-in pergola designed to carry a canopy system. Can you imagine this as your personal party platform?     Arrange a Design Consultation                                Get a Quote

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Large Decks on Lake Joseph and Parry Sound

This large deck is on a summer home on Lake Joseph between Gravenhurst and Parry Sound Ontario. The existing passageway deck just wouldn’t do. We added a brow shaped eating area to create a large central dining space. The size of the deck was increased to make it more suitable for parties. It was built to make the numerous guests comfortable. Elbow room is important for any deck. This Deck Design was created by Lawrence Winterburn

This client wanted a deck design that would befit his lifestyle. We designed a large deck platform that will support 15-20 guests and frame the view of Lake Joseph in Muskoka. Trelliswork panels lead the eye upwards to the open pergola beams. Our crew didn’t build this one–the owner decided to go with a competing bid. There are a few things the builders changed that I would not want to see from our crew.

Designing Large Decks for a Sloped Site

We created a cascading staircase on this deck near Bala Ontario. The landings on the staircase offer safety and shorten the spans on the stairs for longer durability. Consider, if you were to trip on the stairs, would you like to fall down a staircase down 40′ or 10′? Direction changes are built into our staircases for safety!

Curved decks are tricky to do well. If you are thinking you would like to build a curved deck, you may want to drop by this page showing how not to do it. If the budget is an issue, curves are not inexpensive to build. It might be prudent to just square off your deck to avoid the pitfalls that could result. These deck builders stayed true to our design and the deck looks good generally.

A Successful Deck Design

What a deck for capturing a view– A balcony, a perch, and a million dollar view. We designed these decks and staircase in Gravenhurst Ontario and the client’s builder completed the deck.

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