Laminated Arched Garden Arbor with Gate


A heavy version of the classic arched arbor with custom gate.

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Garden Arbor with Large Arch

This is a more inspired version of the classically arched garden arbor paired with a custom gate with a formed brace.

Posts are set in the ground and the laminations are made with marine adhesive and kiln-dried red cedar to prevent cracks and knot bleed through.

The more custom and substantial feel to this arbor is due to the larger arched headpiece.

This was designed for a client in Caledon ON to pair with numerous other arbors and pergolas on the property.

Custom Designs for Garden Arbors

We have designed many custom garden arbors over the years.

In the past, we used a CAD program to produce scaled elevations, but recently we started rendering these garden arbors in 3D Photorealism.

That means you get to see precisely what the custom design will look like before it is built. This enables you to tweak the proportions before building.

Durability of our Garden Arbors VS Store Bought

Most store bought garden arbors whether they are plastic or wood, can be expected to last 5-10 years.

Our custom designed garden arbors can be expected to last 20-50 years.

This is due to expertise.

From footings to structure and choice of materials, we know the secrets of long-lasting garden arbors.

Where can you purchase these Garden Arbors?

These garden arbors with laminated parts are not available in stores.

Our builders can fabricate them across North America.

Fill out the “Contact Us” form and we will do our best to connect you to the most local builder.

Can we Design Your Garden Structures or Arbors for your Builder?

Of course, we can! Just fill out the “Get a Quote” form and attach pictures of what you are thinking, (or rough sketch), and a couple of photos of your home.


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