10 Pool Pergola Images and Ideas


Pool Pergolas create a shady spot for guests nearby the pool. They can offer privacy from neighbours and even protection from the sun or rain. Have Gardenstructure.com create a beautiful pool pergola for you this year!

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Pool Pergolas by GardenStructure.com

A Pool Pergola is the ultimate in luxury. Picture recliners beneath a shady pool pergola overlooking a beautiful pool with kids frolicking. A pergola as a backdrop to a pool is always inviting. It sets the pool off and says “Hey… this is where you want to be!”. Tie it in with details from the home or elsewhere in the yard to make it flow. When you work with designers to conceptualize a pool area, we always come up with unique ways to make the area special. See more of our pool backdrops in the “For the Garden Area

A shady spot near a pool is a great idea when kids are around. It means adults can relax and oversee the children with a beverage, and be nearby in the shade should anything happen. Roofed structures or pavilions can also be a great thing nearby the pool. These days Arcadia Roofs and retractable canopies are also options to control shade more effectively and create a dry space below the pergola.

Planning a Pool Pergola

Sometimes planning a pool pergola is complicated. In an existing yard posts need to be secured. Power lines and plumbing can make that difficult to do. Sometimes posts can be secured to coping, and other times, that might not be a good idea. Utility locates need to be done by professionals and then a sensible layout that fits the client’s wish list and budget need creating.

What Type of Materials for a Pool Pergola?

  • What type of materials should you use for a pool pergola? Pressure Treated Pine Materials are rarely the best materials to use. Sometimes we use it for the support posts, but for finish work, it is not ideal. Pressure treated tends to crack and twist and after painting or staining, the knots bleed sap through the finish. Pine has a lot of pitch in it, and as it dries and shrinks, it squeezes out.
  • Western Red Cedar pool pergolas are the standard. The knots bleed less, and being a larger tree, it cracks less. It is easy to sand and finish and lasts a long time even without a finish.
  • Redwood is an ideal material for pool pergolas. Large stable grains, minimal cracking and twisting and takes finish easily. It is a pricey material to buy, but the look is fabulous!
  • Galvanized Steel is often used for commercial units. Aluminum is durable and strong and allows minimalist forms to be created. We love mixing the materials to make them more interesting.
  • Aluminum is a brilliant material to use for a pool pergola, though it is very expensive and options for standard units are limited.

Do you need permits for a pool pergola?

That all depends on your local building department. Some require and others do not.


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