Horizontal Board Fence Ideas


Horizontal fence designs can look elaborate with a reasonable price tag! These unique plans were created for a client in the Beaches area of Toronto.

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Horizontal Board Fence Designs

These horizontal board fence designs in Toronto’s Beach area consisted of two portions. A boundary/privacy fence with gates, and a privacy screen where a deck guardrail was.  A portion of the fence facing the street was done in Red Cedar for curb appeal, the balance was pressure treated.

The existing deck was pressure treated so we continued with that theme.

Close up, pressure treated materials never look as good as red cedar. Red cedar trees are much larger than pine trees they use to make pressure treated. Larger trees mean a better cut of lumber.

To maintain a nice clean look to the gates, we used a gate wire, rather than a wooden brace. We think it turned out pretty great for a lower budget project.

Ideas for Horizontal Board Fences

When it comes to ideas for horizontal fences, consider support. A wooden board supported by 3 points is less likely to sag under its weight. You can see the supports and dividers we use on our horizontal fences. These are functional as well as attractive. They keep the boards flat and true.

Space the sections from the ground if frost is a possibility. So many times we see fences built too close to the ground and the frost is heaving them out.

It is always a good idea to make the sections slightly smaller when doing a tight board horizontal fence. The panels act as a sail and catch a lot of wind! The extra posts add strength.

Horizontal Board Fences – Why so Pricy?

Building horizontal board fences use more materials and labor also.  It only makes sense that they come at a premium. Many fence builders lack experience building this type of fence, so, they will often charge far more.

If budget is a priority, choose anything but a horizontal board fence design.

Coming up with Horizontal Fence Designs

Planning for horizontal fence designs involves considering obstacles and slope. We often build around trees, so planning post locations to accommodate will make the fence build go easier.

If you want to create your own horizontal fence designs it pays to drive around and look for failures. This type of design has been popular for a few years, so you don’t have to go too far to see one leaning or falling apart. Anybody can build a fence right?

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