Grand Rustic Trellis Screen Plans



A Large 10′ high trellis screen plan, available for download. Create a trelliswork screen from locally sourced rough cut lumber or smooth lumber from a supplier. Use hemlock, cypress, cedar or pine for best results.

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Large Trellis Screen Plans

This is a truly large trellis screen design. A 10′ high rough cut materials trelliswork as a backdrop to a garden. From a distance, this trellis will cause an optical illusion to make a house look smaller. The clients asked us to design something for specifically that reason. Being in a rather large house with a view of it from the road, they preferred privacy and we suggested that if we make it look like a typical garden trellis, but do it oversized, it would visually shrink the home. It turned out to be rather convincing. Would be intruders have never bothered.

Large Trellis Fence Plans on a Budget

This is a large trellis feature that can be built on a relatively low budget using rough cut materials from a local lumber yard.  We used Hemlock, but speak to your local lumber mill and ask what the locally built barns were clad with. Pine and cedar will work well too.

This rustic and rough sawn trelliswork can be built fairly quickly using our plans and instructions.

10′ Trellis Screen Design – Designer’s Notes:

This trellis screen design was commissioned by clients near Newmarket Ontario. They owned a very large home that was visible to from the road. Though it was set back it was visible and the size may have attracted attention. This oversized screen visually shrunk the home’s appearance from the road. People expect that a fence is 6′ high, not 10’… proportionally it made the home seem far smaller than it actually was.

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