Garden Trellises for Climbing Vines


A Gallery of our Garden Trellises

Here are a few unique garden trellises for inspiration. Let the ideas flow! These little panels and features make any garden special. If you need a one of a kind garden trellis designed, get in touch!!



Garden Trellises Designed for Climbing Vines

Here is a collection of garden trellises for climbing vines that we have created over the years. Some have mirrors within, normally they are finished with a solid stain.

Unique garden trellises take any garden to another level. Garden Designers know this, and many have their favorite producers that they work with. If you would like to see any of these as DIY plans, leave us a note in comments.

We will let you know when they come available. For now, these are here to inspire garden and landscape designers with ideas.

Custom Designs for Garden Trellises- Where do they come from?

Where do custom designs for garden trellises come from? Many designers cut them out of magazines or copy them from other websites. That’s not exactly how a designer should do it. We think they should come from the individual designer.

Look through our portfolio from the last 30 years of our designs. Each garden trellis or landscape feature was designed by us. Sometimes they may resemble things that we have seen in our travels, but early on, we created our own pallet of unique details.

This is precisely why our trellises look different. We love using mirrors and laminations in our designs. It makes them uncommon.

Creating durable garden Trellises

In order to create durable garden trellises, we need to know what vines the trellis will support.

Clematis eats garden trellises. It is a large aggressive vine–the python of the garden world. It needs much larger trelliswork, like that of the modern privacy screen.

Boston Ivy is a more delicate plant. It is suitable for a fine trelliswork like many of those in this gallery.

Freestanding garden trellises should be mounted in a frost proof footing, and the posts should be sealed before planting.  Consider pre-finishing all the parts of your trellises. If the end grains are sealed you may double the durability of your garden trellises.

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