Garden Fence Designs – Horizontal Double Gates


This fence is suitable for Pressure Treated or Red Cedar materials.

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Garden Fencing Design for Privacy and Curb Appeal

Here is a new twist on a simple garden fence design. It is a vertical board fence which is very easy to build and just has one simple trim that resembles a low chair rail giving it a more formal feel than a standard flat panel fence.

This fence looks very similar inside and out, so there is no bad side. We added a cool trelliswork side screen and double gates with a headpiece and beefed it up with 6×6 posts. As with most fences we do, the gates and decorative portions are positioned to put your best face forward.

A headpiece carries the weight of the gates and keeps them functioning. A gate wire keeps the gates square.

Cedar Garden Fences

When it comes to garden fences, uniqueness is important. An inspired garden fence should be unique enough to draw the eye from passers-by.

The details should inspire onlookers with a “That is nice” or, “I want a fence like that in my yard”. Cedar garden fences always look charming. The grey patina that develops in a few years gives a garden fence a sense of permanence.

Cedar or Pressure Treated for a Garden Fence?

Garden fences are typically made of cedar or pine. Western red cedar is easier to sand and is often a better cut of wood since it is cut from a larger tree. Red Cedar also lasts longer than many other species due to its tannins.  Growing in a rainforest helps it develop ways of preventing rot and insect damage.

White pine only lasts 5-10 years, but traditionally it was available locally and that is why it was used for garden fencing.

Pressure treated has only been available for about 35 years now. Initially, it contained arsenic, so was not used near gardens. The later generations of pressure treated lumber are less toxic as far as we know, so we are seeing more garden fences made of pressure treated. These days, many people build budget garden fencing from pressure treated, but I am still skeptical. I just don’t believe that preservative chemicals should be anywhere near food production.

Red Cedar is always the best materials for building garden fencing.


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