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A Garden Arbor Plans in the Arts and Crafts Style



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A garden arbor in the Arts and Crafts Style– GardenStructure.com

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Arts and Crafts Garden Arbor Plans

When it comes to garden arbor plans, most are not designed to last. Here is our version of an Arts and Crafts Style Garden Arbour– The arts and crafts movement was about craftsmen doing wonderful things using the simple tools at hand and their creativity. This design challenge was to create an arts and crafts era arbor, using simple tools as they would have had in the 1930’s, so, nothing more than a table saw. (We cheated and used power nailers though). This is a deluxe looking garden arbor that is anything but crude. It should take a couple of weekends for a seasoned handyman to build.

Proportionally, this garden arbor is designed to fit a wheelbarrow through. Add a gate if you like. It should be placed on a pathway or the entrance of a yard. It should be built of redwood or western red cedar. Permanent footings should be used and the plans give you a durable frost free footing detail. No worry of this garden arbor heaving out of level if you follow the instructions. Stain should be applied to the parts before building, so we included a stain application guide as well.

This structure, if built with the plans should last about 20 years with posts set in concrete.

A Garden Arbor Plan for DIY Builders

This garden arbor plan is suitable for DIY Builders and also professionals. Simple instructions and details, but an elaborate look. Sure, there are many pieces, but it is all screws and nails holding this garden arbor together. Drip edges shed water from the screen structure and pre-finishing the parts should lead to another decade of durability.

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Where to use a Garden Arbor

A garden arbor frames the entrance to any garden landscape. It draws the eye and adds an air formality to any yard. The trellis screen is the perfect support for vines and climbing plants. If built from red cedar it will give a grey patina within a few years. The style is reminiscent of the arts and crafts era, so, viewers may not be sure if it is a relic or a new garden arbor.

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