A Garden Arbor with Inner Arch


A substantial garden arbor with inner arched braces near Toronto ON.

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Inner Arched Garden Arbor

One of many garden arbor structures on this property near Stouffville. The architectural styling of this garden arbor is different, yet contains elements that connect it to numerous other structures on the site.

The inner arch offers impressive strength and an architecturally inspired look. All the parts were pre-finished for durability.

This is not a pre-fab garden arbor that you will find in a garden center.

One of a Kind Garden Arbors

Designing one of a kind garden arbors is just part of what we do.

These days, they are rendered in 3D so that clients can picture the structure long before it is built.

There was a time you had to commission designs like this from a landscape architect–but these days, many landscape contractors come to us for inspiration and details.

Special Arbors designed to last longer

Depending on the details and design, a special arbor like this is designed to last many decades.

Just prefinishing the parts can get you to the 30-year mark. A special footing that allows moisture to drain away, can take it another decade.

For the ultimate, (50+ years), anything in contact with the ground gets an epoxy coating.

We have been designing special garden structures like this for more than 30 people. We know what lasts and we are constantly pushing the durability envelope.

Standard Specifications for Garden Arbors

A garden arbor can vary in size, however, since it is a garden it should be wide enough to take a wheelbarrow through.

Gates are an option, but they are a common wish.

Height should be the same as an interior door– 82″ or more.

Depth is entirely up to you, though, proportionally they look right between 2-3′.


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