Gallerie Pergola Plans


The Gallerie Pergola

Available soon as a DIY Step by Step Plan. This extendable pergola frames a walkway and allows you to train vines up over!

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Garden Gallerie Pergola Plans – A long pergola as an entrance

The Gallerie Pergola Plans will help you create an extendable pergola for a walkway. Shown here the arched pergola is over 50′ long and has a step in the middle. This pergola was done with pressure treated materials, but maybe cedar would likely have been a better choice for stain retention!

You can use the Gallerie Pergola Plans to create a long pergola, any length. Step the structure in a simple way as shown in the photos. Adjust the width, but remember to adjust the curved rafter as well!

To Build this Garden Pergola with our Plans

You will need basic framing skills, normally these structures are nailed together.  No more complicated tools than a jigsaw and a circular saw are required. If you can cut and measure accurately, you will be capable to build this pergola with our pergola plans.

Designers Notes – Garden Gallerie Plans

This is a framework for vines designed for a garden entrance. Create a gallerie feel with a tunnel arch laden in flowering vines as an entrance to your garden. Adding planting pockets, (18″ of soil for vines to take hold), preferably with a sprinkler system. We often build this feature with pressure treated posts. Keep the bottom of the footing in concrete, and add a fine gravel above to keep the posts dry for durability.

The shape and proportions are the important part of this project. It is not meant to be fine looking–rustic is fine. If used well it can provide privacy from adjacent yards. Shield your garden from prying eyes!

This gallerie pergola can also be used at the rear of a yard to give the illusion more space beyond. Open up a section or two in the center and add statuary or a mirrored trompe l’oeil.


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