A Design for a Free Standing Rose Trellis


A Free Standing 9′ Tall Oversized Rose Trellis of Red Cedar near Nobleton Ontario.

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A Free Standing Rose Trellis Design

This rose trellis design is a little larger than you might expect. We included a photo of the client in it to show the scale of this freestanding rose trellis. Roses need plenty of light and a ladder to climb on. If you can rotate the vines around in a circular way, the production of buds will be greater than if not. This is a good example of how a horticulture expert teamed up with a woodwork designer and came up with something brilliant. We’ll drop in a photo once the vines grow a little. This project was constructed for a garden setting in Nobleton.

Designing this Oversized Rose Trellis

Here, our client sat with us and explained that a good rose trellis design needs to provide as much sun as possible. Having it standing in the middle of the yard, away from the house will allow maximum light.

Since the trellis has only 3 sides and shields very little light it optimizes growth. We styled it to fit with the rest of the garden structures in the yard. We made it an oversized trellis column at over 9′ in height. Due to the design, the roses can wind their way through the trelliswork as it grows, (with a little help from our master gardener).

Why an Oversized Trellis?

It is all about proportions and illusions. From a distance, it appears to be a quaint trellis with miniature roses on it. As you get closer the oversized trellis is a surprise. It draws your attention with your own curiosity.

It also allows the roses to grow to their full capacity.

Where can you source these trellises?

Ask at your local garden center. These are batch produced for specific retailers in a limited quantity.

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