A Privacy Fence with Layered Trelliswork- Fence Trellis Plans



Cedar privacy fence with optional trelliswork. Working Drawings — Architectural Details Only (not a DIY).

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Fence and Trellis Ideas – an 8′ Privacy Fence with Trelliswork Plans and Designs

When it comes to Fence Ideas and Trellis Ideas, GardenStructure.com is rewriting the book. These 8′ privacy fence with trelliswork plans will help you create a private area without feeling like you are in a box. You can train vines up to make it feel like a garden. Rather than buying poorly crafted trellis fence panels for privacy from a big box store, you can build your own higher quality trellis fence panels with our plans and designs.

This fence can be built up to 8′ tall. Many areas will limit your height to 6′-6″, and the details are easily adapted to that height. This is a full privacy fence so far as the neighbor sees–however on your side, a beautifully layered trelliswork for training vines and as a backdrop for statuary, fountains or found objects.

An 8′ privacy fence with trellis plan, Who’s Idea was that?

Why on earth would you need an 8′ privacy fence? Who would come up with such extreme fence ideas? Do you have neighbors?  Do you like your neighbors? Has your neighbor trained high def cameras in the windows of your home? In short–that’s what happened. And after the fence was built in Mississauga, the creepy neighbor next door raised the camera above the fence!!! We designed this Mississauga fence so that it could easily be cut down to 6’6″ if the situation changed. Our client ended up moving in the end. You can’t fix crazy!

Trellis Fence Panels for Privacy

All trellis fence panels for privacy are not equal.  Most big box stores have fence panels on sale, however, they are not often well designed or built. These pre-made panels are stapled together and don’t have the strength to support itself and they sag over time. When it comes to trellis ideas, the big box offerings are inadequate at best. The only way to build a long-lasting fence panel for privacy is to use our plans and designs. You can share our privacy fence with trelliswork plans with your local builder as well. That means you can get our designs locally–wherever you live.

What is Included in our Privacy Fence with Trelliswork Plans?

Our privacy fence with trelliswork plans include details for a 6′ or 8′ fence with trelliswork cladding. They also include gate details as well. The client did not end up building the gates, however, we included them in the plans. These are construction drawings, elevations, and sections. They are intended to guide professional builders. An amateur builder may be able to build it, but you should know the basics of fence building. How to set posts in a straight line, how to level and how to set frost proof posts. If you are an amateur builder, drop us a note after ordering and we will send you a DIY fence plan to teach you these things.


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