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Professional good neighbor fence plans and designs. Designed by builders for builders! Use our training materials to Do It Yourself!  Free Support While you Build By Email!

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Good Neighbor Fence Plans and Designs

These good neighbor fence plans were created by builders for builders and homeowners. These designs are bulletproof and give you the same methods we trained our builders with. That means you will save time and energy while you build it DIY. If you are contracting the job to a fence company, these plans will help you choose the right builder.

These good neighbor fence designs teach you what goes into a high-quality fence and why it works. We explain the intricate detailing in order for you to make an informed choice for a fence builder.

DIY Good Neighbor Fence Plan

F111  is our DIY Good Neighbor Fence Plan and is the standard backyard fence. Our version is designed to last longer. In order to age well, there is a block between the upper rails and we trimmed in the lattice.  We will teach you how to set the posts so that your fence remains vertical for decades. Our two-part footing keeps the post dry to help durability and resists frost in a natural way.

Build it yourself or have our builders install for you. You can build your own backyard fence and we are here to help!  We will teach you where to put every nail, what crown is and why it is important, even some tips on cutting and measuring more accurately.

These plans were created by builders and production techniques to increase the speed of installation were included– Give us feedback!  We thrive on it and your critiques help us make the product better–

When you choose to purchase our plans they will walk you through the process from start to finish, Step by Step and Do It Yourself! We also offer free support while you build.

What makes our Plans Great Good Neighbor Fence Designs?

Great good neighbor fence designs will help you get the job done on your own, but may also be of interest to pro-fence builders.

Here are a few things we include:

  • Materials calculation sheet
  • DIY Step by Step Instructions
  • Footings installation instructions, (how to set the posts straight).
  • Pro Tips to help you build faster– Production line techniques.
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