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A sound attenuation fence design that will last decades. Plans and details Available.

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Sound Attenuation Fence Designs

Sound attenuation fence designs are used when you build homes adjacent a busy street. They functionally cut the noise of traffic, reflecting it back to the street. The basic structure can be dressed up in numerous ways. We can add detailing to the street side to give an architectural look, or change the upper structure to add appeal.

You often see sound attenuation fences with masonry corner posts to give a more prestigious look. These fences normally range between 6-10′ high. When you go higher, the posts must be closer together and they should be a larger diameter.

Plans for a Sound Attenuation Fence

These plans for a sound attenuation fence provide a simple and affordable solution to mandated fencing. The symmetrical elevation (same appearance both sides), can be a suitable sound barrier fence if the tongue and grooved fence boards are used.
Slightly spaced 1×6 boards will actually age more gracefully–without sacrificing privacy. This allows the air to flow through and dry the boards between rains.

Have our builders install this fence–or use our step by step fence instructions and build on your own.

Plans include instructions for double gates.

Dressing up Large Sound Dampening Fences

Surface applied trims or latticework can dramatically change the plain appearance of sound dampening fences. We often design lattice panels that get fastened to the fence. To prevent rot, space it slightly using plastic spacers. If moisture gets trapped, the fence will rot prematurely.

Make the corner and a few of the intermediate posts larger to ease the monotony.

Create dressed up post caps or enlarge the top rails. Take care to add drip edges to help it last longer.

Check out our decks’ blog to learn more about fences.

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