A Privacy Fence with an Asian Flair



A curved top privacy fence design with an Asian flair. Buy the plans or have our authorized builders install it for you!  If well constructed this fence should last decades.

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Curved Top Privacy Fence

This curved top privacy fence may look ornate, but it is fairly easy to build. It does involve laminating the curved top rail, which takes time, but it is achievable.

We developed this detail for a special client in Aurora. She desired a unique fence for their prestigious residence near St. Andrews School. We developed a few concepts and they chose this one. Back in those days, it was all pen on paper.

2D sketches were all we had, so it was always a surprise how things would look when they were built. These days, we create 3D renderings of elaborate projects like this. Have a look at this 3D fence rendering.

If you would like a curved top privacy fence designed that will dress up your yard, please get in touch. Designing any kind of fences is our forte!

Fences for Estates

A grand estate fence should stand out. It should have an air of permanence and a design that is timeless. These fence designs have curved laminated top rail and hand-made lattice. This garden fence design is 7′ high overall and is certainly an awe-inspiring presence, which gives privacy and aesthetic appeal. The shape of the fence is reminiscent of many Asian Landmarks.

Taste and proportions in architectural features like fences is a difficult thing to learn. Before you design fences, you need to understand the structure and how to resist frost, and, protect joints from water infiltration. Water triggers rot.

Get the Fence Plans!

This fence is designed to be far and beyond the durability expected from a backyard fence. These details will easily adapt to any size sections of the fence up to 10′ in length and 8′ high. Gate details are included in this plan. Laminations are easy with our instructions. Our simple method allows you to glue up to 6 at a time on an easy to construct form.

The best part of our fence plans, they all come with free support by email. If you have any questions, just ask.

You would be astonished to find that we get very few calls for help!


Size of Fence: Up to 8′ in Height, up to 10′ Sections

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