An Ellipse Arched Arbour Design


Oversized Arched Beams stabilize this ellipse-shaped arbor with custom trelliage design.

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Ellipse Arched Arbor Design

A truly custom designed ellipse shaped arched arbor designed for a home in Rosedale, with footings in the ground and within a deck.

Half on, half off the deck.

These laminated curved rafters are closer to the shape of an egg than a semicircle.

They were plotted on the computer and printed, a hard copy was made and then the 3″ thick rafters were formed using boat building techniques and adhesives from Western Red Cedar.

Architectural Features for Decks and Gardens

Landscape Architects are supposed to come up with inspired architectural features for decks and gardens.

Some of them do it very well, but, when it comes to making the details last, unless they have spent decades building durability is usually an issue.

We have been designing these details for decks and woodwork in the garden for about 30 years. We go back to see the projects decades in to make sure our details lasted.

Connect with for durable and inspired structures for decks and gardens.

Technical Specifications for Outdoor Laminations

This ellipse arched arbor design was made of 3 layers of western red cedar lumber with staggered joints.

The materials were quarter sawn and kiln dried.

We used West System Epoxy for durability.

The laminations were clamped for 24 hours and then any voids were epoxy filled before applying the stain.

Designing Large Arched Arbors for the Landscape

These large arched arbors are all designed on the computer using rendering software.

The carpenters have detailed and scalable drawings to work from to assure accuracy.

Most of the work is done off-site–only the installation happens on site normally.

When designing large arched arbors, attention needs to be paid to moisture. All parts should be prefinished with a durable exterior finish before installation. Seal all the end grains as you build.

Wind should also be a consideration. Large arches perched on posts are prone to movement in the wind. Posts should be robust, and braces be present in order to resist damage from wind.


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