Diagonal Lattice Fence Design


This lattice topped diagonal board fence design was built 30 years ago and is still there today! We build fences to last!

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Diagonal Board Fence Designs

A Diagonal good neighbor fence in red cedar, Burlington.  This diagonal lattice topped fence lasted 30 years, and it is still there! It lived across the street from Nelson High School in Burlington. These days we could make that fence last even longer, but it would look a little different. Watch for our fence book being released soon– it will help you build better just like us!

Due to the great lakes, there are more freeze-thaw cycles and lots of precipitation. An untreated 4×4 red cedar post in the ground will last 15-20 years. Since this fence is 30 years old, that tells you that we did something different. Since we put the posts in, there are 2′ plugs of concrete in there that are not likely coming out.  We used screenings around the posts which allowed them to dry between rains.  These are just some of the things we do differently these days. Cedar posts get sealed before they go in the ground…and we never use 4×4 posts on a 6′ privacy fence. They just are not strong enough. All Cedar privacy fences get 6×6 posts.

How to Build a Diagonal Fence – Pro Tips!

So you want to build a diagonal fence? Here are a few pro tips from our builders. This fence is roughly double the labor to install of a standard good neighbor fence, so a good strategy will keep the project on track.

Set up a construction table on saw horses to do the inner panels.

The standard frame and posts are very similar to our fence plan F111, with the lattice box up top. The lower rail, however, is moved down nearer the ground.

Each section is going to be a slightly different size, so you measure and set up the rails and side nailers to size on the table for each section.

Measure the size of the section and pre-cut the rails, with side nailers as a box on the table. Secure them together with a pocket hole jig. Clamp it to the table in the square position.

You can now lay all the boards diagonally… and secure them.

Trim the boards off the frame and secure the sections. Trim covers any rough edges…

This lattice topped diagonal fence should go together like clockwork!

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