Decorative Trelliswork Privacy Screens–Trompe L’oeil


We love using our creativity–here is a Trompe L’oeil Panel, “to fool the eye” in French. It was designed around the fountain and is designed to grow vines and plants up in a garden setting.

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Trompe L’Oeil Garden Trelliswork in Etobicoke


This client was an avid gardener and asked us to design a trompe l’oeil panel around a fountain she had sourced online. We came up with something interesting for her and she put the plants to it!



Creating a garden trelliswork concept, in this case, was easy since she had the fountain on site already. The location was obvious since the cedar hedges had not grown well and there was a full view of the neighbor’s uneventful yard from our client’s patio. We just played off the details in the fountain to come up with a trelliswork detail that suited the space.

Back when this was done, we used a 2D CAD program, so the client could only see the rendering in 2D. These days, 3D takes all the guesswork out of designs like this.

It is always best practice to design in planting pockets. In Landscape Design planting pockets are simply an 18″ deep area with good soil filled in. This allows the moisture to collect deep and helps drought tolerance. It also gives the plants plenty of rich soil to promote growth.



These projects start with posts set in the ground like any fence. Larger posts are key to support the considerable load of the assembled panel. This one was prefabricated off-site and brought in semi-assembled. This is much easier to build on an assembly table.

Posts set in the ground will require sealing before installing, and the concrete should only be at the base of the hole. Max 2′ high in a 4′ deep hole. Fill the top of the hole with fine gravel of some kind. This prevents rot.

We can design these kinds of things for you and even render it in 3d, however, they are labor intensive things to plan and build.


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