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Deck with Gates – Chinese Temple Deck in Etobicoke


Water Stone and Earth — an outdoor living area inspired by a Chinese Temple. Deck, trellis, fence, gates and granite patio with hot tub to welcome this couple’s parents to their renovated home in Etobicoke Ontario.            Arrange a Design Consultation                                Get a Quote



A Chinese style deck in Etobicoke Ontario–The design concept

Our clients near Baby Point  (Etobicoke ) requested a Chinese style deck. A deck inspired by a temple in their outdoor living space.

We came up with a fairly unique combination of Chinese style deck, patio and privacy panels with open trelliswork to the east. The customer’s tight Etobicoke neighborhood means that homes are right on top of you, so we created privacy using screens.  When we researched Chinese Temples one thing was in common. There were always large doors opening towards another wall that served as a defense mechanism. Invaders would be attacked from both sides during their entrance to the temple, thus, making things difficult! Curved roofs atop the screens were also a unique feature that was said to ward off evil spirits, they would slide off the curves.

We designed this deck to keep things more open to the east. The sun rises from a more unobstructed open screen that connects the privacy screens visually.

The Landscaping

We used black granite for the patios in this Etobicoke Space. The landscapers placed the tub on the lower patio. We planned for torches, a grass wall in large pots between the deck and patio as well. Much of this, “Landscaping“,  had to be dispensed with to meet a fairly tight budget.  Beneath the patio was 6” of compacted aggregate, and under the hot tub is a reinforced concrete slab.

I returned a couple of times to see if they had finished stain, but unfortunately each time the yard was less maintained than the last.

This early deck design was created by GardenStructure.com for a private client. Generally, clients speak to us directly with their design request. We do love to collaborate with Landscape Architects and Designers. The finest decks and landscapers are often created by collaborative efforts! Get in touch to have your landscape or decks in Etobicoke designed by us today!

Most of what we build is uniquely designed to suit the property, however, we are also known for building some of the highest quality basic decks and fences you will find. Count on GardenStructure.com for all your outdoor structure and landscaping needs in the Etobicoke Toronto area.

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