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A Deck Design in Caledon for a Colonial Home


A stunningly beautiful deck in Caledon nestled within 4 manicured acres. Colours and details of this deck match the front porch of the home and offer vine support everywhere–let the roses grow!

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A Deck Design in Caledon

We created this deck design for a special client in Caledon. The decks were built around a solarium addition enabling easy access to move plants in and out. The rails had to match the custom turnings profile that was on the existing front porch. We had them turned locally out of white pine materials. All the materials were pre-finished with a high-quality solid stain. This is just one of the 5 projects installed recently at this residence.

Oversized posts and laminated caps give the posts a near flawless look. These decks were well overbuilt for durability.The ramp on this deck is not for wheelchairs. The homeowner is an avid gardener and the ramp is helpful for moving large plants on and off the deck. The rail balusters are 2″ square so they are a little larger and offer a more substantial appearance.

At the time of shooting the pergola was not quite done– check out the pergolas gallery for the final photos. Decks are all about what surrounds them. If you have a lot happening in the landscape, simple deck details can work very nicely. In Barbara’s garden, there are thousands of species of plants, statuary and large trees everywhere. An outrageously detailed deck just would not have worked. It had to be simple, but, we added interesting features to this design.

A Deck Designed for Climbing Vines

We designed an elliptically arched arbor for climbing vines to train over. Great deck design is more about surprising details than standard shapes. This was designed around existing plants. The rose bush is beside the solarium, so we based the arbor on the ground within the deck. We cut the deck short around it. The rose arbor lands on the deck itself. For more images of this unique arbor click.

We used the old-fashioned looking vinyl latticework below to train creeping vines to cover the skirting.

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