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Wood is still Good for Decks

So you have a small budget for a deck. Maybe it is best to steer clear of the composites and PVC decking products. Building with wood just means a little more maintenance over the coming years.

Among deck companies, we stand out as elite designers of beautiful decks. Are you looking for the cheapest deck?  We may not be the right deck company for you. Builders that specialize in cheap have to cut corners somewhere. We are not interested in cutting corners or hiring semi-skilled builders in order to “Keep it Cheap”. Our team is building a company that will last. Our builders use the best materials that your budget will allow. We invest in training our builders. Our builders are paid well and that’s why they stay with us. You can’t offer the lowest price for decks without squeezing builders or be skimping on quality so we hope you will understand why we are typically not the lowest budget builder.

Cheap Deck Ideas from Designers?

Professional Deck Designers can build more with less!

Better deck companies have professional deck designers. Free consultations with somebody that built a deck does not qualify them as a professional designer. A professional designer will show up at your home, take photos and measure up. They will sit down at your kitchen table and ask questions. Most importantly, they will listen to what you say and take notes. Only once they have a fix for your tastes and wish list and expected budget will they begin to design.

Professional designers will not apply a cookie cutter solution to your hopes and dreams. If your budget does not fit your wish list, they may suggest breaking the project into stages. Finish parts to make it functional, then add to it over time. Most importantly, a professional deck designer will make your needs their priority.

Plenty of Options for Decking and Railing

Deck companies that care about their clients will have numerous options for decking products. Different products fit different budgets and it just makes sense to help the most people. Everybody wants maintenance free these days, and aluminum guard rails are part of the solution. Lighting options and glass in the guard rails are also common asks.

DIY Floating Decks are fine too–if you know what you are doing!

Better deck companies will use better methods and materials. Things like helical footings, floating decks and foundations can really help. These days, joist flashings are critical to long-lasting decks. Not every company can offer waterproof platforms so that the frame will last north of 50 years. Modern decking products now have 25-30 year warrantees that actually cover

The Best Deck Company offers a Long Warranty

A deck company in Ottawa offering a 5-10 year warranty is uncommon–and deck companies that have been in business 30 years are even rarer! It’s not enough to promise the world, you need to be able to back it up! Promising a 5-year warranty when you have been building for 3 months is a leap of faith. The warranty should read 5 years “If we are still building”. GardenStructure is a deck company that has been building for 30 years.

We are always looking for great builders–if you know someone please let us know!

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