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Deck Builders- A Patio Deck Transformed in Ottawa in PVC Decking


Deck builders strive to design and build decks like this! This deck transformation was designed by GardenStructure.com last winter and installed over the summer.  Check out the before and after images!

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Composite Deck Builders Ottawa ON – A Magical Transformation!

Where do you find the best deck builders in the business? Doug, “our client,” said he found images online of some stunning decks and tracked them back to our website. He found plenty of deck designs that appealed to him in our Gallery.  He wasn’t sure how much we would do and how much our deck builders would do, and how much he would try to tackle.  The design was primary. You can see a rendering in the photo gallery above.

He asked for the ultimate deck design. Doug told us that he wanted to get the design perfect first, and then figure out how to do it second. His instructions to the designer were to design what we felt should be there. A couple of weeks later we were going over the designs–a few subtle changes, we made it a little larger and removed the swim spa for now. We also designed a lower fireplace area with pergola, and a fence detail for phases 2 and 3.

Ottawa Deck Contractors and Permits

As all good Ottawa deck contractors should,  we obtained permits from the city of Ottawa to build these decks. The footings and beams needed engineering since we were using helical footings. We beefed up the framing to add to the strength of the privacy screens.  The privacy screens help carry the Arcadia Louvred Roofs, so building in strength to the frame was a must. Team Karlis did a masterful job putting everything together. No job ever goes perfectly, and as usual, there are always snags along the way. On this project, we had electrical failures and wind damage before the project was complete, but we took care of it.


Features for Building the Ultimate PVC Decks!

We love building the ultimate decks. A great deck builder needs to be able to offer all the things that go into building the ultimate outdoor living area. This project features heavy framing on helical footings.  PVC decking with automotive plastic for the shell with a 25-year fade and stain warranty. The decking is of alternating colors, with the borders and breakers in a darker shade.  8′ privacy screens flank the sides, and glass in aluminum guardrails throughout, even down the stairs. Lastly, Arcadia Roofs with ceiling fans installed cap off this incredible deck transformation. Arcadia Roofs utilize aircraft grade aluminum for strength. They also use a premium powder coat for a long-lasting finish. For a nighttime look, we added deck lights to the stairs and behind the glass rails!

To make it all happen, the home was clad in Aluminium siding which could be painted any shade or color we desired. We rendered the look, and in the background, the client moved gas lines, electrical service mast and cleared out the old platform. He had the siding patched after the changes were made and then had the home repainted the color we chose. Magical deck transformations are a lot of work, and Doug picked up the slack and saved a bundle in the process.

Scroll through the images and you will see just why these Decks are so special!

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How long does it take to create outdoor living areas like this?

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 Creating a Patio Deck Transformation.

Deck Transformations involve rethinking the entire space. You have to imagine that what is existing is gone. What would you imagine would be the ideal–starting from scratch?  Don’t let your preconceptions based on what is there to cloud what could be. Start fresh and let your imagination run wild. Our deck builders will take care of the rest!

A stunning transformation doesn’t mean using the most expensive materials like we did in this case. Even a modest budget can make dramatic changes. It is more about the design than the budget. A skilled designer can work with what you have. Our deck builders work in Cedar just as well as we work with PVC and Composite Decking.

The other solution to a modest budget is staging the project over a number of years. If it is planned effectively, the decks will be presentable all the way through.

Our designers will always offer inspired designs that fit your budget.


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