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Deck plans simple enough for beginner DIY achievement– Builders decks are often lacking style. These simple details within the plans will allow you to renovate that boring builders deck into something cool and stylish!

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A Guelph Builder’s Deck gets Reworked with our Deck Plans

Originally created as an alteration to a builders deck in Guelph, this deck plan has been a popular DIY project. The plans include a simple pergola feature that does not shade windows. These plans can be used to decorate a builder deck or build this project from scratch. This deck plan is easily adaptable for size. You can add these pergola details to an existing deck if you like. Builders can enlarge or reorient the Stairs. Since this structure is connected to the walls the pergola does not require bracing.

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Inside the Deck Plans with Pergola

What is included in the deck plans with pergola?

  • Full construction drawings that were used to obtain permits at the time.
  • You may require engineers stamp in your area.
  • All the details and dimensions are included in the package.
  • Plans come by email in PDF format.
  • Details are easy to adapt to different sizes within reason.

These are simple details, so if you need custom or more complex deck plans, please get in touch!

The rails are code legal in most areas and so is the trelliswork. This is a deck plan that most amateur builders can build in a couple of weekends.

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