Curved Pergolas in Ajax


Beautiful curved pergola with trelliswork added for privacy paired with a rectangular pergola with like detailing to create a gorgeous outdoor space in Ajax Ontario.

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   The Art of Curved Pergolas

Curved Pergolas Done right!

Lots of builders of pergolas will attempt curved beams… Once. Not very many progress to making an art out of it. We’ve been doing research and development into laminations of numerous types. This is not a kerf cut like you see on many TV Shows that soak up moisture and rot prematurely. We laminate slices in the wood together to create a curve.  This is not plywood, it is a solid lamination of thin layers of kiln dried western red cedar put together with waterproof epoxy. This pergola beam should last 30 years or more without finish applied. Pergola Designs by Lawrence Winterburn, curved beams from

Designing with Curved Elements

Designing with curved elements takes a little finesse. This curved pergola with curved beams was created around an existing circular patio. It just made sense to carry on that shape to the vertical elements. If a curve fits the site and the client’s budget, that is what we do. Vertical elements often tie in the home, no matter the shape, if you draw the trim color in.

We supply Curved Beams for your pergola Projects, please call for Pricing. Working Drawings are available for this project.

Blending Curved Elements with Straight

Blending curved elements with straight helped meet a budget, but design wise, it added interest. Sure, curvy abstract looking structures encompassing the whole yard would have looked great, but it was not in the budget. In the end, we have to do what the client wants. If the client has expressed a budget, we do our best not to blow by it. It is the respectful thing to do. We can offer options, but in the end, we do what the client desires.


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