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Curved decks near Peterborough Ontario


Circular decks create an intriguing space. These decks in the Kawarthas show how they should be built.

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Curved Decks built the right way in Peterborough

Garry Douglas has given a perfect example of how to build circular decks on this project near Peterborough Ontario. It is a fairly ordinary house until you add these spectacular decks. Every deck that we design has clean lines and accent on the structure. This one has a clean looking and substantial beam, and a very robust ledger supporting the deck at the house. In a day and age where many deck failures stem from the connection at the house, it is refreshing to see this doubled ledger that Garry has shown us here. Garry (now retired), worked with GardenStructure.com for more than 8 years.

Circular decks on Stoney Lake

Two circular decks grace this Stoney Lake Peterborough property, designed to last. No kerf cuts here! These are a solid lamination of western red cedar to make structural rims that will last decades.

When there are plenty of trees we always prefer to design around them whenever possible. These curved decks flow around and through the trees. The view from the lake says that there is something special about this house in the trees. The curved red cedar decks stand out beautifully. This showpiece shows a builder of decks that has mastered his craft. The structure is well beyond code requirements and simply stands out.

Heavy under-structure with large handcrafted stair stringers with 2 intermediate support posts mean a very long lasting deck to be certain. When you are planning to build decks in Peterborough or anywhere in the Kawarthas, get in touch with Gardenstructure.com


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