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Composite Decks in Newmarket Within Timber Frame


PVC Composite decks designed to suit the house and be supported by an existing timber structure, these decks in Gilford look as if they grew there. I am sure the architect would be pleased with our deck design.

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PVC Composite Decks in Newmarket

These gorgeous PVC composite decks were designed for clients in Newmarket ON to be supported by an existing timber frame that supports the roof of the home. PVC composites are the latest version of composite decking. Composites have moved to using automotive plastics in the outer shell, and virgin PVC for the core. This gives a rigid strong board, with a very durable exterior shell. You can drop a block of this decking in an aquarium for 3 years, take it out, and it will look like when it was submerged. Nothing to rot, nothing in it that can swell. PVC decking does expand and contract due to temperature changes. It is different to work with. Your average deck builders may have issues, but when we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on PVC decks. Ask your deck designer for more information about PVC Composite decks!

We designed this composite deck in Gilford to look like it was designed as part of the home.  There is space for a table and chairs, a path to the stairs and a small roofed sitting area to the west with an unobstructed view from inside. This composite deck should last 40 years.

Wolf Home Products Decking

The product used to create these beautiful decks is Wolf Home Products Decking, is a premium decking with a 25-year fade and stain warranty. It has a hard PVC core and durable shell made of ASA plastic. Many of our deluxe decks utilize this tried and true product. The best part of using this decking is their 5-year Labour warranty. If they make a bad batch of boards they pay the builder to replace them within the first 5 years. Now that is confidence in their product!

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