Commercial Pergola Pavilion in Oakville


A Church Event Entrance in Oakville Ontario. Formal and gothic, and modern materials. Red Cedar, Man Made Beams, Red Cedar and Marine Plywood. They requested an elaborate entrance to a wedding reception area/tent. Trust your local Pergola and Pavilion Builders! Do you have a challenging design for us?  Get in touch soon!

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A Commercial Pergola, Pavilion Entrance for Events in Oakville

We design and build quite a few commercial pergolas, and Pavilions for commercial clients as well, but this one was a bit different. A Ukranian church in Oakville Ontario asked us to design and build this commercial pavilion. It was designed to be an entrance to a tent erected for weddings. This pergola like feature will serve as the entrance to the tent to class up the place!

This part of a pavilion is a hard to categorize structure. It looks like a pergola, but it has a roof! A pavilion is normally a gathering place, sort of like a pergola with a roof. This is actually designed to be an entrance for an event tent. The tent has 2 faces open, and you enter the tent through this pavilion pergola. This was the guideline during the design phase, and, I think it worked perfectly. We had fun building it, and they enjoy it, so I guess that is what matters! It is like an outdoor wood sculpture with a roof. If you have any suggestions as to what to call it please let us know.

Designing Unique Structures like this Pavilion for commercial clients

Designing unique structures like pavilions for commercial clients is much like it is for residential clients. As you would hire an Architect, we start with a consultation to discuss the project. Typically this happens on site. There is usually a nominal fee for these meetings since we will start designing during that meeting. You will be able to take a photo of any sketches we may do of pergola or pavilion concepts.

Our pergola/pavilion designer will chat with you about expected budgets and show you what kind of project you should expect in your expressed range of numbers.

The designer will estimate the number of hours– you agree and we are designing. We always try to design to your budget–this is why we discuss that up front.

Pavilion Builders in Oakville

We are pavilion builders in Oakville with the experience to design any type of pavilion you imagine. We render them in 3D so that you see exactly what it will look like after it is built. Commercial projects often rely on architects and landscape designers, however, we are specialists in the field. We commonly supply designs to commercial builders and well-known celebrity designers.  Involve us in the design phase of the project!


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