A Circular Deck in Mississauga Ontario- Curved decks done right!


It takes a pro deck builder to plan a curved deck and pull it off with stellar results like this. A circular deck is a little bit more difficult than just a small brow or rounded corners.

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Circular Decks in Mississauga Ontario

This circular deck is nested within the footprint of an angular deck that was in service for 20 years. Manicured gardens are around it. The homeowner asked that we not disturb the valuable plants since they would be hard to replace. The curved decks’ structural members are laminated from solid wood using marine grade epoxy. Red cedar epoxied laminations improve durability and strength. A laminated 2×8 is actually about as strong as a solid 2×10 that has not been laminated.

The circular steps also utilize the same building methods. All the decking materials for this deck were pre-finished with high-quality stain prior to installation. These curved decks in Mississauga Ontario have solid-laminated rim joists and leading edges will last many decades. Curved decks are just one of our specialties.

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Designing Curved Decks in Mississauga

Our first project for this client was a set of moon gates. He was so pleased he called us back to design a deck for him. This replaced an angular deck that was just slightly smaller. He had just bought a new hot tub and he thought it might be a good time to get the deck updated. When is the last time you saw wood curved to fit a hot tub so masterfully? The deck finish was chosen to work with the tub and the home.

Shop made rim joists and leading edges helped expedite the build of this deck. Solid red cedar lumber put together with marine epoxy and assembled by actual carpenters– that is why our work looks different than most deck companies. Even the curved frame of the bench was a lamination of solid wood.

Space is left below the deck to allow frost to lift the ground without affecting the deck or steps. Mississauga gets up to 4′ of frost at times, which means the ground can heave up to 2″.  If you want to learn why we build using laminations rather than kerf cuts– Click

Curved decks in Wood or Composite

When you choose what material to use to build your curved decks, wood or composite, there are many factors to consider. Wood can work really well when you have air flowing below and through the deck, and when materials are pre-finished. Sometimes, when the deck is well constructed, we can change a wood deck to composite. The joists need to be a little closer together, so if you are building a wood deck in Mississauga, but change it later, use 12″ centers on the joists.

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